Affilated to CBSE, New Delhi. Affilation No: 1930552

Best Practice

Emerging Student Profile(ESP)*

We run the school with the firm belief that every child will be enabled to achieve the ESP Comprising three essential faculties:Life Skills Knowledge and Core Values which is our promise and the goal too. Everything we do in the school strives ESP for every child.

Blended Learning Design(BLD)

BLD has been specially designed for our teachers to acheive ESP through every lesson they teach with Learning Resource, (LR), an integrative assessment approach thatincorporates multiple formats for reporting what students have learned, which transforms the child with global minds on the Indian Soil.

Digital Citizenship Programme(DCP)

Digital citizenship Programme is offered to Mount Literans from Grade 4 to 8. It helps students to create a positive culture that support safe and responnsible technology which enable students to use the technology appropriately and navigate cyber bullying, internet safety, and other digital dilemmas.

Financial Literacy Programme(FLIP)

Financial Literacy Programme is a part of curriculam for all Mount Literans of Grade 4 to 8, which is well structured and innovative. This programme will empower students in the areas of financial Planning etc.,


Karadipath makes English Language Learning easy, enjoyable, effective and accessible. The core of Karadipath methodology lies in the natural way as child acruires mother tongue. The ares of creative thinking, the child will demonstrate heightened capabilities.