Affilated to CBSE, New Delhi. Affilation No: 1930552

About Thangam Mount Litera Zee School

Thangam Mount Litera Zee school (TMLZS) is a unique school; with the aim of nurturing global ideas through qualitative education blending global standards with rich Indian values. Our school was founded by the visionary Mr.Jagadeesan and the Directors Mr.Thirunavukkarasu alias Raja and Mr.Arun Kumar in the year 2010.

TMLZS is located on the New Attur Bye pass road, amidst of nature in the picturesque location of Ayothiapattanam block.

School is spreading over rolling campus of 7 acres and tucked away from hustle and bustle of city life with its excellent state of art infrastructure.

TMLZS promises unique learning experience for understanding the real world that child lives in. we offer holistic education through nationally bench marked best academic practices that encourages students to excel in multiple discipline and this empowers children to handle the challenges whatever the life throw at them.

Everything we do in the school strives to achieve what is right for the child in a joyful atmosphere with real understanding of the concepts. This would promise our vision in the form of Emerging Student Profile (ESP) which comprises 3 essential features include LIFE SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE and CORE VALUES.


LIFE SKILLS are crucial for leading life powerfully. We build life skills through specially designed life skill modules, subject integrated activities, club activities, Inter house competitions, scouts and guides, Olympiads (SOF and Mount Litera).


KNOWLEDGE- goes beyond the traditional boundaries of academic learning which focuses on higher order learning skills (HOTs).

To promote HOTS, apart from text books and other related worksheets, every subject is supported by an exclusively designed LR (Learning resources). This contains extra study materials and questions based on the concept with the special focus on HOTS. This enables the child for the real understanding of the concepts.

To ensure this team of qualitative, passionate and committed teachers who are ready to learn, unlearn and relearn are trained by Eminent Trainers for Blended Learning Design (BLD), Blooms taxonomy, multiple intelligence, classroom management, Home work management, I care, pedagogy, teaching methodologies and strategies.

To facilitate Holistic learning, faculties of Mount Litera are supported with the hand book called BLD (Blended Learning Design). This helps teachers to prepare their lesson plan before teaching. It is exclusively designed material with subject enrichment activities with audio visual applications .Every class room in TMLZS is a digital learning enabled with touch boards and projectors.

BLD facilitates teachers to give wide exposures to broaden students’ cultural and social skills by blending knowledge, core values and skills.

Sports are the only activity which let the children to be involved and focused.

To ingrain this and the value of sportsmanship and team work, school encourages students to involve in all kinds of sports. School has a state of art basket ball court.

Our assessments focus on identifying the learning outcomes of the students but not to brand the child, whether they are good or not. TMLZS prepares the child for fearless and stress free assessment.

In such School eco system, these different factors will have an impact on the nurturing the unique potential of the child will enable the child to achieve the profile (ESP).

We firmly believe that ESP will definitely enable our students to face any challenges thrown on them like NEET, IIT and AIEEE etc. So Mount Literans do not require any crash courses or integrated courses to face such challenges in his/her life.

Our School doesn’t focus to complete the syllabus and conduct exams. Each child has unique brain network that shapes hoe she/he responds to stimuli. We teach in the way they learn, not forcing them to learn the way we teach. We promise we will provide a complete and unique educational experience to prepare the child to his /her fullest potential for a successful life in the contemporary society.